Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery Attractions - The Brunswick Hotel

The Cascade Brewery is Australia’s 2nd Oldest Brewery. The brewery is responsible for making some of the world’s best tasting beers, including Cascade Premium and limited-edition Cascade First Harvest.

Set in the rolling hills of South Hobart, Cascade holds a revered place in Australia’s brewing history as our oldest brewery. Set against the majestic backdrop of Mount Wellington and 250 hectares of pristine forest, the Cascade Brewery was established in 1824 by Peter Degraves and is a must see for any visitor to Tasmania.

Attractions - The Brunswick Hotel

Salamanca Place

Salamanca Place Attractions - The Brunswick Hotel

Salamanca Place was established as a warehouse and storage area close to the existing waterfront in the 1830s.

By the 1970s the area began to provide cheap space for artists but the dominant use was run-down storage and wholesale distribution from the sandstone warehouses built in the mid nineteenth century.

Tourism was just starting to take off with quicker and cheaper flights from Melbourne and Sydney as the Wrest Point Casino was opened in 1973.

In 1974 local traders established the first Salamanca Market and this was taken over by Hobart City Council and really came into its own as a tourist attraction by the 1980s.

As Salamanca Place became more gentrified and property values and rent increased, the building uses changed to incorporate more retail space and eventually the current restaurant and lifestyle precinct was established. The original sandstone has been restored on buildings where it had been rendered or painted and enhanced with trendy interiors containing bars, eateries, galleries and predominantly craft or gourmet based retail outlets.

This site attempts to portray Salamanca Place and Salamanca Market in a way which enriches the experience. The best local tip is to visit Salamanca Place anytime you’re in town. While market day has its own appeal, something unique can be found in any of the big, medium and tiny shops, alleys, cafes, bars and restaurants any day of the year.

Salamanca Market is open EVERY Saturday from 8am until 3pm except when it occasionally falls on the 25th April (Anzac Day) or 25th December (Christmas Day) in which case the market will be held the following day; the Sunday of that particular weekend.

Stallholders generally begin packing up at around 2.30pm so to experience the best of the market, we suggest arriving prior to noon.

There are 300 stalls to see and this will take at least couple of hours.

Attractions - The Brunswick Hotel

Hobart Waterfront

Hobart Waterfront Attractions - The Brunswick Hotel

Why not enjoy some accommodation near Hobart’s waterfront in Tasmania.

Tasmania is the 2nd oldest Australia’s state capitals, with a wild convict past and rich history still evident in its beautifully-restored Georgian buildings and colonial cottages.

The wide and elegant Derwent River sweeps up from the Southern Ocean to cut Hobart in two, with the main city on the western side and smaller centres and suburbs on the east, while majestic Mt Wellington overlooks the city from the west.

The charm of Battery Point, the waterfront walks and marinas, the old shot tower and the stately houses of Sandy Bay are all quite seductive. Hobart carries its history well, its isolation having contributed to its underdevelopment. The convict-hewn sandstone buildings of Salamanca Place, once the domain of rough seafarers and prostitutes, then left to dereliction, are now the showcase of the city. Like The Rocks in Sydney, Salamanca Square and Place are beautiful, cultural, functional, and steeped in seedy history.

Now a thriving cultural centre attractive for its unique handcrafts, fresh seafood, maritime atmosphere, historic monuments and spectacular geography, Hobart is the perfect destination for a holiday with a difference. Its stunning harbour, said to be the deepest sheltered harbour in the southern hemisphere, is the destination of the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race, which leaves Sydney Harbour on Boxing Day and battles often-treacherous seas to reach the island port several days later.

The Port of Hobart occupies the harbour on the eastern side, at Sullivan’s Cove, while the greater city spreads northwards and over the river to the east. The innumerable inlets and coves of the harbour and river are dotted with thousands of boats, yachts and pleasure craft of all kinds. Like all the world’s great cities, it is Hobart’s waterfront and the buildings relating to it that give it its character, history and charm. Today chandleries, shipwrights, customs agents and ‘yachties’ continue the history laid down by the seafarers, whalers and maritime merchants of the past. Nowadays the city acts as a preparation point for Antarctic expeditions and gateway to the sub-Antarctic islands of the Southern Ocean.

Mona Gallery Tasmania

Mona Gallery Tasmania Attractions - The Brunswick Hotel

The Museum of Old and New Art in Berriedale caters for old and new art and is only a ferry ride away from your stay at the Brunswick or a short 13 km drive.

Cost of entry to the Mona Gallery is only $20 per adult and $15 concession so it’s a cheap day out to enjoy one of the many attractions that is Tasmanian tourism.

Those that have already been there have said:

1) “A brilliant experience. Loved it”

2) “Very interesting absolute must-do”.

3) “Impressive, confronting, amazing, confusing, funny, inscrutable, startling… in short, great art”.

The Gallery offers: Exhibitions, Tours & Tastings, Brewery, Library Cafe and Bars, the Mona is one of Tasmania’s must do.

The Mona Gallery can be booked for functions, weddings or general venue hire and it’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Australian art culture.

Attractions - The Brunswick Hotel

Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Historic Site Attractions - The Brunswick Hotel

Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula is unfortunately known for all the wrong reasons.

On Sunday 28 April 1996, the convict era of Port Arthur came to light again with a massacre of 35 dead and 23 injured. The killer was Martin Bryant, now serving 35 life sentences in the psychiatric wing of Risdon Prison.

Port Arthur is a former convict settlement and was established in the 1830s as part of the British Empire of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is one of the more important heritage areas and an open air museums that Australia have to offer. Not surprisingly, this is also Tasmania’s most popular tourist attractions. The Port Arthur and Coal Mines Historic Sites area World Heritage and Port Arthur has some wonderfully preserved penal colony buildings.

Just a short 60km drive from the Brunswick Hotel, Port Arthur also has within its vicinity, the Remarkable Cave and Crescent Bay.

To get to there, hire a car and take a trip along the A9 and enjoy some of the picturesque scenery that Tasmania has to offer.

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