originally built in 1827

The Brunswick History

History - The Brunswick Hotel
History - The Brunswick Hotel

The Brunswick was originally built in 1827 by convicts just twenty years after the settlement of Hobart and remains an important part of Tasmania’s social history. Initially operated as an illegal grog shop under the title of “Brunswick Wine Vaults”. In 1831, it was granted its first liquor license and began trading under the name “The Brunswick Hotel”. The hotel is now the oldest operating example of the once numerous drinking establishments that lined Liverpool Street in the 1800s and is recognised as being the 2nd oldest continuously licensed establishment in the country. During the early years, keg beer was delivered to the Hotel in wooden barrels floated down the Hobart rivulet from the recently built Cascade Brewery into the original cellars below the bar. 

Following a devastating fire in 1926 the façade and parts of the building were rebuilt, but much of the original food and beverage area remains. The Brunswick has recently been refurbished and brought back to life with warm modern finishes that complement the original 1827 sandstone and brick fireplaces and walls.

Come in and see the original sandstone that still bears the chink marks individually cut into it by the stonemasons. These chink marks were their way of leaving their mark or signature. Many of the stonemasons at the time were convicts or ex-convicts. The more work that was attributable to them got them closer to their freedom.

Over the years it has operated with many different faces and owners. It has at various times focussed on the accommodation, bragging great stables & “electric light” and at one stage even operated as a bottle shop. The current owners purchased the Hotel it in 2010 and have restored it as the iconic Hobart venue it is today.

History - The Brunswick Hotel

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